I didn't know where to start with all this traffolyte engraving but I talked to the staff at inscribe. Wow!! these guys really know there stuff.
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Designed & made for electrical & industrial applications but has endless possibilities!

Traffolyte was originally manufactured for the electrical industry for permanently marking and labeling switches & switchboard for clear durable identification. Over the years is popularity has grown and is now the leading labeling standard solution for all types of industrial applications such as electrical, plumbing, mining, military aerospace, signage and even arts and crafts.
Gravoply3C (3 Colour) - New Product line!

NEW PRODUCT! 2-Ply materials typically have a top cap one either side of the core, so you can engrave only two colours on the material. However, this 3C 3-Ply material is constructed with 3 layers to be forward engraved from top side. The unique composition allows you to create a 3 colour engraved label or for an interior sign. We engrave to .002" to expose the first core, and to .012" to expose the second core. Please contact us as colour availability and colour range is limited to industry standard safety colours. Click here for more information...
What is Traffolyte & why is the original brand no longer available?

Traffolyte, sometimes spelled Traffolite, was a brand name for multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets suitable for engraving. Each layer was a different colour so engraved letters or shapes would be a different colour from the unengraved portions. Thus it could be used for name tags, labels and signs. The material dates back to 1927, when it was first produced by Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Ltd. at their Trafford Park factory in Manchester, UK for transformer labels. The complete business was sold to De La Rue Insulation Ltd in 1945; De La Rue exited this business in the early 1960s. There are a large number of companies manufacturing bi- and tri-layer phenolic engraving stock

Traffolye signs and labels are cheap to produce, and were very popular in the past. However, phenolic dust is now recognized as a health hazard (castergenic) properties and so other abs safe plastics have been manufactured to deliver same and better results using new and improved  modern safe formulas. Industry recognised brands like Gravoply, Rowmark, Duets and may other generic abs 2ply materials are now the industry preferred replacement.

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Gravoply 2 (Traffolyte)
The micro thin .01mm foil cap on 1.5mm abs plastic, Gravoply 2 allows for very fine detailed engraving. This is perfect for small text and or intricate logos required of many indoor applications, the thicker cap of Gravoglas may be better for many industrial applications where long-term cap durability may be put to the test. Gravoply 2 comes standard with a matte surface finish, but we now have Gravoply 2 Gloss available on special order request, which has a glossy clear protective cap layer.
Gravoply II - Colour Range *Check Availabilty
Gravoply II - Material Safety Data Sheet
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Inscribe Australia is the number #1 in traffolyte engraving & solution specialist. With strong capability in the concept, design, manufacture & service of the highest-quality commercial & industrial traffolyte engraved, laser marked & printed labels across Australia. We are renowned as the major traffolyte engraved electrical label supplier in this specialised field and have established preferred traffolyte electrical label supplier status with a number of leading electrical & industrial companies. Our clients value our consultative approach, our meticulous attention to detail and our ability to deliver quality labeling solutions to meet their specific needs.

Inscribe Australia understands the urgency of labels that’s why we have invested & developed an online tracking system, so you know where your job is from start to finish. We have also available on request a  premium same day or over night service for urgent jobs please ask our sales to team about same day services. Our normal turn around is 3-5 work days as  standard.

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