I really want to thank these guys for helping out with my school project. I had called a few place before Inscribe all waste of time. Thanks team for all your efforts my project was a success.
Acrylic Signage & Laser Engraving
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Need an Easy & Professional mounting solution?
Try our MultiMounts & LetterMounts
they work great on acrylic.

Lettermounts domes are simply glued onto the back of the letter and clip in place into the cup portion, which has been screwed to the wall.

are a patented standoff system, used with panels to display graphic images on walls and other vertical and horizontal surfaces, in a wide range of graphic image display applications.

multi•mounts have three standard Parts, A+B+C Parts which are sold together as a set.
Optional extra•spacers, D Parts - are also available and are sold separately. extra•spacers are used to increase the standoff distance and/or hold more panels.
We do it all You Create & We Cut from 3D models, puzzles to jewelry we do it all just send us your idea and get a quote.

Just send us your Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw, or AutoCAD file for a quote on your idea or creation if you can dream it and design it we can make and cut it. Our expert design team can help you set it correctly so you get the best understanding to create a great product.

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Laser Cutting Services
Inscribe Australia  have the capabilities to laser cut acrylic up to 10mm thick we can cut any shape or size. We are limited to an area of 800mm X 500mm. The benefits of laser cutting acrylic and not cold cutting it by saw is you get a highly polished edge.
making the cut look clean and tidy.
Custom Font 3D Cut Letters
This acrylic 2-Ply is designed exclusively to give you between 10mm to 20mm thick effect letter. Created using Celuca board with a Cast Acrylic surface layer this complements and finishes of the 3D effect giving the letter a nice gloss bright colour finish. Both for in door and out door use UV rated.
Cast Acrylic (Perspex) - Colour Range *Check Avalbilty
Cast Acrylic (Perspex) - Material Safety Data Sheet
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Laser engraving on clear acrylics up to 10mm thickness, again offers a unique look. Engraving on the front or reverse engrave from the back, which gives more depth to the look at. Reverse engraving and color filling can also give some terrific looking contrasts and added 3 dimensional depth. The clear acrylics also come in tinted colours, fluro colours and even textured finishes. The engraved area comes up a smokey white colour on  clear and tint colours, it looks pretty neat as it with no paint or colour needed. Keep in mind the laser only recognizes black and shades of gray, having said that, it does a terrific job displaying the gradients.

Acrylics offer some striking color contrasts, using the basic color palettes for combinations of surface color and core color (core color determines the letter or logo color). Even when limited by the core colors you can still achieve some unique looks from the laser with its ability to engrave fine detail such as logos, clipart and photographs.
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