OMG!! The stickers look great guys. I will defently use you guys again.
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Warranty & Security VOID Tamper stickers.
When it comes to security stickers there are two options we can supply. The first is a void sticker this type of sticker if removed will destroy it's self, leaving a void print on the product or item. The second method is a more aggressive approach with permanent tamper sticker this type of security is hard to remove and if tampered with the sticker will crumble into small pieces making it very dificult to remove.
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If it's stickers you need we got you covered any shape or decal cut style. At Inscribe Australia we manufacture them all from cool looking logo's and characters to VOID security, asset ID, barcode, QR code and even a new line of NFC data sticker labels. If you can stick it, we can probably print and make it. Our creative graphic design team can help you select the perfect material for your project. Whether you need the sticker to be permanent, removable or even glow in the dark we have all your options  covered and are only limited by your imagination.

What shapes can you cut?
Want the look of die cut but you want to include multiple stickers on one sheet? Order kiss cuts with your sticker and you can add unique shapes in a "sticker sheet". You can combine die cut with kiss cut to make the most unique product we offer.

Die Cut
Die cut is when we cut the entire sticker to be a custom shape of your choosing. Our machines cut the sticker and its backing material to be a unique shape extra charges apply. Normally all stickers are supplied in sheet or 380 wide rolls.

Kiss Cut
Kiss cuts are light surface cuts on your sticker. You can order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker to make a sticker sheet. Kiss Cuts do not cut the backing material, so the kiss cuts peel out of the sticker as seen in the sample images below.You can add Kiss Cuts to any size or shape of sticker that we offer.
Bar code & QR code asset stickers

At Inscribe Australia we also supply a range of custom barcode labels, designed for different applications. Whether you're looking for asset labels for tracking your assets, or simply looking to incorporate a barcode on your product, We can print the some off the most common code like 128, 39 and QR formats. Barcode labels can contain alphanumeric characters (except EAN codes), and we can even supply them using variable data from Excel spreadsheets or database files. Utilising the latest in digital print technology, we are able to incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, delivered within a matter of days!
Thermal Vs Inkjet Printing
An inkjet printer sprays liquid, solvent-based ink droplets onto the vinyl. Colors combine to create the images, and a variety of vinyl types can be used. Thermal printers apply dry, wax-based pigment to the paper using heat, somewhat like melting crayons onto the vinyl. The thermal printing process is faster than the inkjet process.

Quality Compared
Inkjet printers can produce high-quality photo images. But even though the images are clear, any moisture or humidity could cause damage to the photo; the ink can easily smudge. Thermal printing offers a glossy, protective finish that is more durable, although in some cases the ink can be scraped off. You can't write over thermal ink with a pen or pencil, so if you depend on marking up prints by hand, this type of printer may be unsuitable. Thermal printing is normally used for industrial applications while Inkjet is normally for commercial and advertised marketing.
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