200 Rooms at Sheraton, the switch plates marked to perfection in just 3 days turnaround. I couldn't have asked for a better service
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How durable is your paint fill or digital printing?
We've tested our paint filled engraved and digital printed versions durability with common household chemicals such as bleach, glass cleanings, and degreasers. While we recommend cleaning our wall plates with a mild soap and water, our test did not damage the paint fill. We do not recommend cleaning the wall plates with abrasive cleaners or instruments, as they can damage the plate it self.

Is the text painted on the surface of the wall plate?
Plastic and PVC wall switch plates that are engraved and then paint filled, help protect the paint fill from damage because it is recessed from the surface of the wall plate. The digital printed versions is however on the surface but is still scratch and chemical resistant.

How durable is the stainless steel laser marking?

The stainless steel marking process produces a permanent marking on the stainless steel that is very durable. These wall switch plates are excellent for commercial installations, hospitals, labs, kitchens, bathrooms, and any place where where having a clean smooth surface is desirable
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Today's homes incorporates more electrical devices than ever before. It used to be common to find a single light in the center of each room, or perhaps only a switched outlet for a lamp. Now it is common to have recessed lighting, switches outlets, accent lighting, task lighting, and fans all within one room. Many lights are controlled from more than one location and switch plates will often have as many as four or more switches grouped together. Add to that outdoor and landscape lighting and the result is that today's homes are more confusing than ever! Even in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, there may be an overhead light, a shower light, a fan switch, and vanity light. Our custom engraved switch plates can help you, your family, and guests remember which switch operates which device.

We have three marking methods for switch plates which are available, all are permanent and durable. Traditional engraving and filling with a painted colour is the most common used and is also the most durable. New innovation techniques with Direct UV digital printing now allow us to print directly to any surface text, full colour or graphics into your switch plates is now possible. Low volumes and even offs are even accommodated for with this new printing procedure. Laser etching is a great and used mainly for the stainless steel switch plates leaving a nice black marked finish this is very economical and a very fast process for multiple plates in stainless.
Input Ports & Custom Switch CNC Cutting
We can cut any shape switch or input port into any blank switch plate. This gives you the flexibility to custom make one off solutions. We have also standardised some common cut outs such as audio jacks, mic jacks, VGA, USB, HDMI, Serial & many more. Ask as for your Free switch plate design ruler and we will post it out to.

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