These badges were great choice for me, as a small manufacturer of custom HIFI equipment I wanted my products to look like the major brands by finishing off with a 3DMetalex™ they now look more professional.
Metalex   3D Badges
Owen Smith
Hollywood HIFI
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We only use the best adhesive money can by it's that simple.
3M high Performance adhesives offer excellent high temperature performance as well as excellent shear strength (that minimizes edge lifting and slippage of parts). Performs well after exposure to humidity and hot/cold cycles. Provides some initial repositionability when bonding to plastic parts (not metal) which allows graphic parts to be lifted and repositioned if initial alignment is incorrect.
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Inscribe Australia is proud to present 3DMetalex™ this exclusive premium product is only available at Inscribe Australia. Created & designed in our factory in Melbourne, 3DMetalex™ badges are truly a unique product for your branding. Due to their modern, funky qualities and great afford ability, compared to Die cast metal badges 3DMetalex™ badges are now growing in the market place. 3DMetalex™ badges look superb, with or without glazed epoxy and are perfect for the high quality reproduction of corporate branding logos on products.

The majority of 3DMetalex™ badges have a 2D finish, but by using our unique layering and lasering process a raised 3D appearance can be achieved, for even more impact. Metalex Badges can be laser cut to any shape or size there is no complex shape we can't cut!. Well defined recesses and chunky dimensions of  badges produce a sleek modern aspect to this great looking badge, call us now to see what options we have available and what we can recommend for your product.

What size can you make them?
We recommend for best 3D pop effect to keep them small or no greater then 100mm X 200mm. Our design and marketing research shows for best effect and impact it's best to keep them small as possible. 50mm X 20mm is a good effective size. In saying that there is not real limitations.

What colour are range is available in METALEX?
The most popular is the original Silver Brushed / Black. Below is a full colour chart of 3Dmetalex colours we have available.
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