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Direct Colour to Printing On Metal
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How durable is the print/ink ?
Depending on what material we print on you can get some variance in results but in a NUT shell very durable. Our lab tests have provided enough data to pass all basic and even extreme cases  of touchier.That said the print is resistant to almost all nasty chemicals like acetone, hydraulic fluid, 100% Alcohol, paint thinners and an assortment of chemical fuels. The print is also scratch resistant to normal wear and tear and seems to retain colour vibrancy. It's even fire resistant yes! a naked flame for a period of over 30 seconds did not do much to the print. The test have proven  it takes a bit of effort to remove the print. As this is a new formulated technology a free samples on request are available for your own quality assurance and testing.
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Direct Colour Printing is here! With our continued investment in new cutting edge digital printing innovations we have now the in-house capabilities to print onto just about any material including hard to print materials such has metals & glass. This new UV Ink bonding printing technique is amazing! Our team at Inscribe have been designing and printing some incredible sample works from the direct colour printing machine. We are have successfully printing on stainless steel which is very difficult to print on as it has the natural abilities to resist bonding. We can also produce textured 3D printing the future of feel & touch in a printed image object bring the print closer life objects. Another innovation has been the ability to produce Braille letters, images and Braille dot points are now as simple as click and print, we are applying to just about any of our way finding sign systems. Many other new futures with direct printing are immerging  for new future products contact us for a free sample pack and see the future of printing. We are taking orders now!!

What size & print limitations?
Our new direct color systems is currently limited to X: 610mm Y: 254mm   Z: 150mm with 3D texture on board and legal Australian approved 3D Braille software.

ADA Braille & Tactile Digitally printed?
Yes we can print any Braille sign made to order we have a standard range of printed signs ready to buy please check out our online store for more details. Our extensive range of Braille tactile signage complies with all current Australian & New Zealand Building Codes and Standards. They are high quailty and are all made locally.
How much detail can you achieve on the Direct Colour System?

We can produce photographic quality printing up to 2800 DPI can be achievable on slower speeds our standard print production speeds run at 720DPI & 1440DPI print modes producing incredibly crisp text and vibrant images. Full color printing of images including white ink & clear varnish layer with outstanding solvent and abrasion durability and 3D Textured optional effect. With an extra layer of adhesion promoter this will allow the direct colour printer to print on limitless material possibilities, print on everything from metals and plastics to wood, ceramic tiles and even glass.
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