Inscribe Australia is committed to sustainable development means we work to ensure our activities, products and services enhance & help the environment.

Helping The Environment
Company Environmental Policy
Inscribe Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 60 145 440 190 )

Relevant Business Principle
Inscribe Australia actively seeks to minimise and manage the environmental impact of its operations.

     integrate environmental management into our everyday operations

     improve our environmental efficiency (sustainability)

     help our customers reduce their carbon footprint through suggestion of substitution to eco
     friendly materials & products.

This is a Company Policy of Inscribe Australia Pty Ltd and it applies to all Inscribe Australia employees and contractors and to any other person who is notified that this Company Policy applies to them.

1. Inscribe Australia operations extend across the breadth of Australia. Our employees, customers and suppliers have a presence across the nation. Inscribe Australia has a unique opportunity to promote and demonstrate high standards of environmental management and stewardship in order to reduce our own environmental impact and that of our customers.

2. Inscribe Australia will:
Monitor and comply with all relevant environmental laws and relevant standards and practices.
Manage our diverse activities to prevent or minimise pollution and impacts on visual amenity, air,
water, land, flora, fauna and cultural and heritage values.Strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in our operations. Investigate and implement mutually beneficial programs of environmental management. Ensure understanding of environmental requirements and implementation of standards among our employees, suppliers and contractors respond to the environmental concerns of our customers and the communities in which we operate. Set and review environmental objectives and targets. Monitor and report our environmental progress, and continue to improve our environmental management system and environmental performance.

Breech of policy
If you do not comply with this Company Policy, you may face disciplinary action. This disciplinary action may involve a verbal or written warning or, in serious cases, termination of your employment or engagement with Inscribe Australia. If you break the law you may also be personally liable.
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Environmental Policy
Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Tapes & Building Materials

Inscribe Australia uses BIOLINK adhesive tapes a specialist manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly, High Performance Solvent Free Adhesive Tapes. We utilise our, unique, 100% Acrylic mass, Solvent Free technology to produce our broad range of products.

Our technology clearly differentiates our products in the market place, in terms of both performance and character.

Our technology ensures that our products do not suffer from solvent occlusions.
Benefits of Biolink’s technology results in:

    * High Performance Solvent Free Adhesives
    * High clarity coatings
    * High resistance to Ageing, UV, Chemicals, Discoloration and all Environmental factors
    * Low outgassing
    * No Solvent disposal required
    * Wide Temperature tolerance range

Biolink is committed to the future of UV, Acrylic technology. In recent times, all industry sectors are becoming more Environmentally aware.

By specifying Biolink’s Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Tapes on drawings/ tenders, customers are gaining a significant competitive advantage.
One of our partners helping us achieve our environmental goals we use and recommend BIOLINK products.
We recycle all our materials from our plastics to all our metals we recycle or reuse 95% of our wastage.
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