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Laser marking with CerMark

Tool & other product personalisation has become more prevalent in recent years. The laser, with the help of CERMARK, is an ideal mark for this industry. Cermark allows monotone marking of logo's, images, small text and even photo's up to 1200dpi. This is a level of fine detail that traditional engraving would not be able to compete.

The reflective nature of chrome is also a great process to use cermark, This requires that the part be processed using at least 40 watt laser and at speeds not much more than about 200mm per sec. DPI settings in the 300 to 600 range seem to aid in the final appearance of the clear clarity mark.

The mark is very permanent and testing has proven that it will hold up to acid baths, some abrasive environments, and heavy impact. However, it is important to keep in mind that chrome scratches fairly easily. When cleaning the marked CERMARK material off the lasered part, use a soft cloth not an abrasive pad.
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Stainless is very hard to engrave
I was surprised when they said no problem these guys have really mastered it..
Bill Wallis
Spray, shake and bake!
Traditional engraving with super tough powder coat colour fill.

What makes our traditional engraved plates, labels and engraved signs better, eco-friendly and tougher then our opposition?
Well we spray, shake and bake!... We fill all our traditional engraved plates with Dulux Dura Colour Powder coating and bake in an oven at 200 degrees.
Less wastage then paint and a reusable method allow this process to be cleaner and greener process then paint filling.

Well it's not that easy but it's not rocket science! We have a patent process and a secret adhesion to make sure our colours stay bright reducing colour fading, stay in with out flaking and last a lifetime. Years of research and development lead to this innovative out of the box thinking almost every other engraver in the industry uses paint.We think that doesn't cut It any more not when you want the plate to last for a very long time with low maintenance. It's also a piece of mind knowing the colours will stay not flake off and can be placed in almost any environment.

With a range of colours to choose from and our team will help you get the best match.
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Stainless steel & metal engraving machine technology has come a long way, thanks to recent innovations. With digital automated engraving machines and additives like CERMARK a chemical that when applied to stainless steel using a CO2 laser engraver, creates a permanent black mark. We can also engrave trough materials such as Stainless Steel and other metals. Your engraving now lasts longer even while adding unique visual appeal to your metal pieces.

Inscribe Australia specialises and performs high quality engraving into stainless steel, primarily for industrial purposes. In recent years however, many of our customers have preferred to switch to a proprietary laser chemical  marking process. The results are cleaner and capable of holding much more detail than simply engraving into the metal, example monotone logo's and even photo's can be produced into most stainless & metal surfaces.

However tradition never dies even with these technological advances we highly recommend the traditional machine engraving & paint filling when it comes to applications like mining, aviation, industry, navy or defense applications. This is because we can guarantee the mark will be there for the life time of the product. Rotary engraving in stainless is an extremely difficult application but our team have years of experience. Stainless is very durable, requires little maintenance and is heat resistant it is a frequently specified engraving medium for industrial panels and parts applications and we highly recommend it if your after a bullet proof finish.

Recommended stainless
Stainless grades 404, 304 & 316 (Marine Grade).
Short Video : How is it done ?
Short Video : How is it done ?
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